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In the midst of chaos, which I thought I was "organized" Jenn showed and helped me incorporate workable systems to keep me on track. I learned how to identify my clutter and implement a solution. Jenn truly has a knack for organizing regardless of size. She can see where to help, implement solutions as well as teaching while she works.

-Maureen M

Before working with Jenn, I was overwhelmed by the size of my project and just didn’t know where to begin.  My rationale was “it’s a linen closet…nobody will ever see it”.


But now, I am able to use some techniques that Jenn taught me about organizing i.e. items I don’t use often or need often put up higher or if I haven’t used a particular item in “x” amount of time I can donate it ( I donated many pairs of curtains on my organization day)


What I loved most about working with Jenn was that she was energetic, professional, non-judgmental and had great ideas and knowledge.


I love how my linen closet looks now.  I don’t have to worry about a towel or wash cloth falling off the shelf if I go to grab a new tube of toothpaste.  I have such a sense of accomplishment and  feel I can use the strategies Jenn showed me to keep it organized for a long time to come.

-Colleen L

What I love most about working with Jenn is that she has an awesome personality ; you can tell she cares about your needs. Every aspect makes your home that much "homier" and organized. She is very detail-oriented and listens to every need. I would hire her again in a minute !!

-Lisa B

You never know how simple life gets after Jenn gets done organizing your "life". She is fun, creative and can look at something and have it organized in her mind, and then show you (us) how it's done. I really loved working with Jenn.

-Stacy D

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